Here’s our sign!


If there was any question before which building is ours, now you know!  We should have a driveway this week, curbs put in, outside play area in progress including artificial turf being delivered.  The inside is coming together, walls are being completed, villa’s are getting finishing touches, doors are installed and we should have an end in sight by Friday!  Keep watching for more updates and info.  We SO appreciate all of your patience and … Continue reading

Making progress!

We are making progress on the resort although we don’t have a finish date established yet.  Siding is going on, windows and doors are going in, walls are being completed, villas are under way and everything is moving along nicely.  Know that we are as excited to move in as you are to bring the “kids” to the new facility!  We will keep everyone in the loop!

Website under construction

We are currently working on our new, updated website!  Thanks for bearing with us while we work on getting information active for our new premier facility, due to be open in September 2015. Watch for all of our awesome new additions!

We are here…


The new Resort is 1.6 miles from our current facility and MUCH more accessible!  The traffic volume has become pretty crazy at Hanley and O’Neil with all the growth in the business park. 2300 Jack Breault Drive (St. Croix Business Park East)

We have a roof!


This is the south facing side of the building where there will be FOUR sliding glass doors to the our AWESOME, expanded outdoor play area! 4000 sq. ft. outdoor play area will be SECURELY ATTACHED to the building, allowing pets independent access while playing (weather/temperatures permitting). Dogs can romp and play in the sun, rain and snow (and sprinkers!), staying clean (no dirt, mud or dead grass) on artificial turf and a patio which can all … Continue reading