DayCamp Policies And Requirements

24-Hour drop-off and Pick-up available

Resort Attendance Policies and Waiver Agreement –  Click here These forms are required for all Resort attendees, you will be asked to digitally sign during registration (please print to retain for your records).

All pets must be current on vaccinations for their age (MUST be given by a licensed veterinarian, whom we will contact to verify)

  • DHLPPC (distemper combo)
  • Bordatella (kennel cough vaccine)
  • Rabies (generally not given until 16 weeks of age)

Pets are preferably neutered/spayed by 7 months of age to participate in open play groups.  Unaltered pets will be permitted until behaviors (mounting, marking, hormones, etc.) become problematic.

Mature, unaltered pets will not be introduced into the playgroups, but can be accommodated in our Bunkhouse, for your convenience.

Meals must be pre-measured and pre-bagged per meal.  Soft type foods may be in factory containers.  $3/meal fee applies.

  • Camp “meal” Package is available: $15 for 10 meals (expires 3 months from purchase)

Pets must be clean and free of excessive dead coat to maintain a healthy, clean facility.  Grooming and Spa services are available during your pets stay, if needed (fees apply).  Nails will be trimmed when deemed necessary for pets and staff safety (fees apply).

New pets will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the play groups. All dogs do not thrive in an open play environment; accommodations are available for all.  Ill pets will not be accepted.

Lobby hours –   24-Hour drop-off AND pick-up is available

  • Mon-Fri:  6am – 8pm
  • Saturdays: 8am-6pm
  • Sundays: 3pm-6pm
  • Lobby is CLOSED all major Holidays
    • $14 convenience fee per after-hours drop-off and/or pick-up; reservations required

RESERVATIONS ARE PREFERRED FOR ALL RESORT SERVICES; Paw and Claws Pet Resort staffs ENTIRELY based on reservations, for your pet’s safety and well-being.

  • ALL reservations must be changed or cancelled by 8pm the night before
    • $15 “no-show” fee applies (change/cancel accepted in person, by phone/voicemail or email)
  • A half-hour variance is allowed for all drop-off and pick-up times
    • $10 fee will be applied for greater variance (adjustments accepted by phone/voicemail or email with no penalty)
  • Walk-in and “day of” reservations are accepted
    • $8 additional fee for DayCamp
  • DayCamp reservations must be made by 8pm of previous evening or fees apply.
  • No show fees will be applied. Considerations may be made for extenuating circumstances.
  • If pet is NOT picked up by close, pet will be housed for the night; lodging and food fees apply.


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