DayCamp Policies And Requirements

MANY options for drop-off and pick-up, 24-hours per day!

DayCamp: Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm – Reservation REQUIRED

Drop-off and pick-up BY APPOINTMENT  6am-6:45pm

Saturday & Sunday: DaySTAY – multiple group play times 8am-5pm; d/o and p/u  BY APPOINTMENT

Drop-off and pick-up policies:

  • 15-minute window (before and after) for appointment times
  • Communication (call/leave voicemail with info/e-mail/text) REQUIRED for time adjustments; early/late arrival/pick-up without notification – $12 fee
  • Unscheduled/early pick-ups incur $12 convenience fee (pets available at staff discretion, based on care schedule and safety of pets)

MANY options for drop-off and pick-up, 24-hours per day 

All vaccines MUST be given by licensed veterinarian; breeder administered vaccines are not accepted

  • Bordatella (kennel cough vaccine – see FAQ for more info)
  • DHLPPC (distemper combo)
  • Rabies (generally given 12-16 weeks of age, varies by clinic)

Pets preferably  neutered/spayed by 7 months of age to participate in open play groups

  • Unaltered pups over 7 months will be permitted until behaviors become problematic. Pets will be evaluated on a daily basis.
  • Mature, unaltered pets will not be introduced to playgroups, but can be accommodated for your convenience.

Pets must be healthy, clean, and free of excessive dead coat to maintain a safe and clean facility


Paws and Claws Pet Resort staffs based on appointments, for your pet’s safety and well-being.

  • DayCamp appointments must be made by 7pm of previous evening or same-day reservation fees will apply.
  • Same-day appointments are accepted (with availability) with additional $8 fee for DayCamp
  • No show fees will be applied. Considerations may be made for extenuating circumstances.
  • If pet is NOT picked up during lobby hours with no owner communication, pet will be housed for the night; lodging and food fees apply.

There are inherent risks with participation in services provided by Paws and Claws Pet Resort including but not limited to: nicks, cuts, scrapes, scratches, bites, viruses, cough or cold, and every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure pet’s safety and well-being. Paws and Claws Pet Resort cannot be held liable for such occurrences. All dogs do not thrive in an open play environment, however; different accommodations can be made for all.