Lodging Options And Pricing

Lodging at Paws and Claws is for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind!

Please choose the option that works best for you and your pet.....

Individual accommodations are required for pet safety and well-being. We do this because pets act differently when away from home.

We are unable to accommodate females in season or people aggressive dogs.

  • Final day of stay if exceeding 24-hour period from initial drop-off time - $25
  • DayCamp Club members: reg scheduled days attended while staying; additional days at GOLD rate
  • Peak Season/dates: add $5 per night

BASIC Lodging

$45 / 24 hours*
  • Individual accommodations with cot-style, elevated bed (siblings can be side-by-side)
  • Twice per day feeding (owner supplied food; pre-measured & pre-bagged PER meal)
  • MULTIPLE outside potty breaks per day
  • Medications given if needed

SILVER Lodging

$55 / 24 hours*
  • BASIC Lodging PLUS...
  • Group playtime/Play groups with other dogs (each pet will be evaluated before joining a group)
  • Individual/private play time for dogs that prefer not to socialize or are non-social with other dogs
  • Recommended for seniors, incontinence, special needs and/or puppies over 7 months

GOLD Lodging

$65 / 24 hours*
  • BASIC Lodging accommodations PLUS...
  • DayCamp participation INCLUDED Mon-Sat (pets will be evaluated each stay for approval to participate; not all dogs thrive in this environment)
  • Nightly bed time biscuit & bed fluff
  • *required for puppies up to 7 month of age

GUILT RELIEF (add-ons)

Extras while you're away!
  • Brrr Bonz (frozen treat) -- $3
  • Kong filled w/ frozen treat -- $5
  • Jerky Treat -- $3
  • Bedtime Biscuit & Bed Fluff -- $2
  • Picture postcard via email or text -- $5 each (max 2x/day)
  • Nail trim: $14-$20 (by size)

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