DayCamp Options And Pricing

MANY options for drop-off and pick-up, 24-hours per day!

DayCamp: Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm – RESERVATION REQUIRED

Drop-off and pick-up BY APPOINTMENT  6am- 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: DaySTAY – multiple group play times 8am-5pm; d/o and p/u  BY APPOINTMENT

DayCamp Add-ons:

  • Meals – $5/meal
    • Meals must be owner-supplied, pre-measured and pre-bagged per meal. Soft type foods may be in factory containers.
    • Camp Meal Package: $30 for 10 meals (expires 90 days from purchase date)
  • After-hours pick-up – $20 per use
  • Grooming services always available during DayCamp (with appointment)!
    • Small dog nail trim: $14.00
    • Large dog nail trim: $18.00
    • XL dog nail trim: $20.00

There are inherent risks with participation in services provided by Paws and Claws Pet Resort including but not limited to: nicks, cuts, scrapes, scratches, bites, viruses, cough or cold, and every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure pet’s safety and well-being. Paws and Claws Pet Resort cannot be held liable for such occurrences. All dogs do not thrive in an open play environment, however; different accommodations can be made for all.

DayCamper Club
Recurring monthly commitment, pre-scheduled days
Perks include: Priority scheduling, 5% discount on groom when at DayCamp, add additional day at same rate, no charge pick-up until 8pm

When boarding: Pay BASIC lodging rate, DayCamp every day (includes regularly scheduled days)

*Non-refundable/transferable. Unused days are forfeited. Up to 2 day changes per month.
Credit card on file billed at 1st of month. Must cancel BEFORE 20th of month.
EXPRESS Drop-off/pick-up
$25/monthSkip the wait line and lobby!
  • --Access the After-Hours Suite for a quick contactless drop-off/pick-up
  • --Pets available 15 minutes before/after scheduled appointment time
  • --Unscheduled/early pick-ups in lobby incur $15 convenience fee
  • --New pets may not use Express until ok'd by Guest Services
per day and packages
Full Day (over 5 hours)
$35with appointment (+$7 without appointment)
Half Day (up to 5 hours)
$25.50with appointment (+$7 without appointment)

Packages available*:

10 Full Days: $330 ($33/day)

15 Full Days: $480 ($32/day)

20 Full Days: $620 ($31/day)

12 Half Days: $276 ($23/day)

*CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT APPOINTMENT! Packages expire 90 days from date of purchase. Unused days are forfeited.
Non-refundable/transferable. Payable on first day of use.
Pampered Puppies Program
$50 (one-time fee)paid on first day of DayCamp
  • REQUIRED for all puppies under 16 weeks of age, includes:
  • --Potty breaks graduating from every half hour up to every 2 hours, positive reinforcement for housebreaking!
  • --Manners intro: sit, walk on leash, no jumping/biting, proper play & socialization, positive reinforcement
  • --Meal(s) free of charge until 16 weeks of age (owner supplied food ONLY)
  • --Naps as needed