Lodging Policies And Peak Season

24-Hour drop-off and Pick-up available


  • Basic Lodging - for pets that stay occasionally and do not attend DayCamp at least once per month
  • Stay & Play - pets MUST attend DayCamp at least once per month with a history of success in play groups
  • Suite - cage-free lodging accommodations; individual room with glass door

Resort Attendance Policies and Waiver Agreement –  Click here These forms are required for all Resort attendees, you will be asked to digitally sign during registration (please print to retain for your records)

Lodging Requirements

  • All pets must have current vaccinations, including rabies, DHLPPC, and bordatella (kennel cough) (MUST be given by a licensed veterinarian, whom we will contact to verify)
  • Pets are preferably neutered/spayed by 7 months of age to participate in open play groups.  Unaltered pets will be permitted until behaviors (mounting, marking, hormones, etc.) become problematic.
    • Mature, unaltered pets will not be introduced into the playgroups, but can be accommodated in our Bunkhouse, for your convenience.
  • Any dog who is not social will not be allowed in play groups.
  • Our play groups are constantly evolving (adding new members!) and dogs must attend frequently in order to participate.
  • Paws and Claws cannot guarantee that all pets will flourish in this type of environment.
  • Pets must be clean and free of excessive dead coat in order to maintain a clean, healthy environment.  Grooming and Spa services are available during your pets stay, if needed or deemed necessary (fees apply).
  • Nails will be trimmed when deemed necessary for pets and staff safety (fees apply).
  • Unfortunately we cannot accommodate people aggressive dogs at our facility.

There are inherent risks with participation in services provided by Paws and Claws Pet Resort (including but not limited to: nicks, cuts, scrapes, scratches, bites, viruses, cough or cold) and every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure pet’s safety and well-being and cannot be held liable for such occurrences.  All dogs do not thrive in an open play environment; accommodations are available for all.

Cancellation Policy

When reservations aren’t cancelled in the proper time, it prevents other customers from booking that space.

For non-peak season lodging: Paws and Claws requires notice by lobby close the night before your reservation. Failure to properly cancel can result in a fee equal to a 2 night stay of the lodging choice reserved (special consideration may be given to emergency situations).

For peak season lodging: Paws and Claws requires 72-hours notice. Failure to do so can result in a fee equal to a 3 night stay of the lodging choice reserved.

Please be kind to us, and we’ll do the same in return. We understand things can change.

Holiday Information and Closures

Our staff will be on-site taking great care of your pet, but the lobby will be closed for the following holidays:**

New Year’s Eve (Lobby closes at 12 Noon)
New Year’s Day
Easter Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve (Lobby closes at 12 Noon)
Christmas Day

**24-hour drop-off and pick-up is available with reservation.

We do book up and have a substantial waiting list during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  It is imperative that proper cancellation policies are followed so that any client who is on a waiting list can be accommodated. If policies are not respected, your credit card will be charged the equivalent of a 3 night stay in the accommodations that you had requested.

We appreciate you understanding and respecting our policies.

Holiday/Peak Season

Due to increased demand and labor costs during the holidays and peak occupancy periods, please note our $5/night price adjustment per pet during the following peak holiday times:

Spring Break*
Easter Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Independence Day Holiday
Labor Day Weekend
Thanksgiving Week (Wednesday through Sunday)
Christmas Holiday (December 20 through January 5)

*Due to differences in dates depending on school district/area, all of March (March 1 through 31) is considered peak season!


Sundays are a premium day. Many facilities will close the office on Sunday and force clients to board an additional night.  We realize that this can be an inconvenience for most, so we’ve decided that we will be open on Sunday afternoons from 3pm-6pm as a courtesy to our clients.


  • $40 deposit per dog is REQUIRED to reserve lodging (payable via phone; applied to account at pick-up).
  • No show or cancellation less than 72 hours prior to holiday/peak time will result in loss of deposit.
  • Lodging rates are based on each 24 hour period. If your dog stays past the time of drop-off on pick-up day, daycare charges will apply.

Pet’s FINAL day of stay is pro-rated: A flat $25 DayCamp charge if lodging exceeds 24 hour period.

**24-hour drop-off and pick-up is available with reservation. 

Seniors and special needs

Health Care Directive – click here

We ask that all clients with pets 10 years and older or that have a possible life-threatening health issue (seizures, terminal illness, etc.), have on file a signed Health Care Directive in the event of a medical emergency and we are unable to reach you.

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