Lodging Options And Pricing

24-Hour drop-off and pick-up available

  ($18 - Reservation REQUIRED)


Paws and Claws Pet Resort offers several lodging options for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind!

  • Basic Lodging:  for pets that stay periodically or are non-social with other dogs or unaltered (not spayed*/neutered)
  • Stay & Play:  for pets that attend DayCamp at least once per month with history of success in play groups
  • Suite:  cage-free accommodations with glass front door

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate females in season* or people aggressive dogs at our facility.

Paws and Claws reserves the right to change your pet's accommodations based on your pet's comfort and safety, you will be charged accordingly.

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Basic, Stay & Play or Suite
•  Lodging Perks

Guilt Relief (add-ons)


$42 / night
  • Individual accommodations
  • Cot-style bed
  • Twice per day feeding (owner supplied food)
  • Regular outside potty breaks
  • Peak season: add $5 per night

Stay & Play

$48 / night
  • Basic Lodging PLUS DayCamp!
  • Pets MUST attend DayCamp at least once per month with established history of success in play groups
  • Peak season: add $5 per night


$58 / night
  • Cage-free, glass door suite
  • Elevated bed
  • Meals twice per day (owner supplied food)
  • Regular outside potty breaks OR DayCamp included (see Stay & Play)
  • Peak season: add $5 per night

TLC Perk (*required for)

$10 / night additional
  • *Special or Extra Needs (e.g. blind, physically challenged, incontinent, 3+ medications, more than 2 daily meals, etc.)
  • Intacted males excessive marking clean-up
  • *Puppies under 7 months (includes manners intro, first out AM/last out PM)
  • Orthopedic cot or bed (for seniors)
  • Specialized play groups (i.e. siblings or family member dogs to socialize)
  • Extra walks as needed (puppies, seniors, health issues)

GUILT RELIEF (lodging add-ons)

Treat your pet while you're away!
  • Individual Play/walk Time with staff -- $10 per session
  • Brain Games/Enrichment -- $10 per session
  • Picture update via email or text -- $5 each (max 2 times per day)
  • Nail trim by dog size:
  • ---Small dogs: $14
  • ---Large dogs: $18
  • ---X Large dogs: $20
  • Brrrr Bonz (frozen treat cube) -- $3 each
  • Kong filled w/ frozen treat -- $5
  • Jerky Treat (duck or chicken) -- $3
  • Meal Booster -- $2
  • Bedtime Biscuit & Tuck-in -- $2
  • PLEASE INFORM US OF PET ALLERGIES – frozen treats are made with one or more ingredients including but not limited to; meat broth varieties, peanut butter, yogurt, biscuits, meat or veggie jerky

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