Lodging Options And Pricing

Lodging at Paws and Claws is for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind!

Individual accommodations are required for pet safety and well-being. We do this because pets act differently when away from home, as well as:

  • If one wants to sleep and the other does not, or one is exceptionally tired and possibly irritable
  • If one has an “accident” or is ill, we will know which dog to assess
  • Possession issues of beds, toys, and/or “roommate,” inability to “escape” from each other

Group and individual walks are available as an add-on to lodging.

  • Pets participating in DayCamp on a regularly scheduled basis will be included in daily play groups and activities
  • Non-DayCamp attendees can add DayCamp to their stay

Puppies under 7 months are REQUIRED to add TLC Perk which includes group play.

We are unable to accommodate females in season or people aggressive dogs.

Lodging (overnight stays)

$42 / night
  • Individual, size appropriate accommodations with cot-style bed (siblings can be side-by-side)
  • Twice per day feeding (owner supplied food) -- Medications given if needed
  • Outside potty breaks (first thing, after breakfast, noonish, before dinner, before bed)
  • Final day of stay: $25 fee if lodging exceeds 24 hour period.
  • Peak season: add $5 per night

GUILT RELIEF (add-ons)

Extras while you're away!
  • Group or individual walk -- $6/session
  • DayCamp -- $28/day
  • Nail trim: $14-$20 (by size)
  • Brrr Bonz (frozen treat) -- $3
  • Kong filled w/ frozen treat -- $5
  • Jerky Treat -- $3
  • Bedtime Biscuit & Bed Fluff -- $2
  • Picture postcard via email or text -- $5 each (max 2x/day)

TLC Perk (*required for)

$10 / night additional
  • *Puppies under 7 months (includes group play)
  • *Special or Extra Needs (e.g. blind, physically challenged, incontinent, etc.)
  • Orthopedic cot or bed (for seniors)
  • Specialized play groups (i.e. siblings or family member dogs)
  • Extra walks as needed (puppies, seniors, health issues)

  • A half-hour variance is allowed for all drop-off and pick-up times
    • $10 fee will be applied for greater variance (adjustments accepted by phone/voicemail or email with no penalty)
  • Walk-in and “day of” reservations - $15 additional fee (per pet) applies

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